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 Our next science unit will be a fun one! Students will be working to create an egg protector that will be dropped from several different heights. This is something students will do at home and bring to school. This project is due on October 20. In order for students to drop their protectors, they must be here that day. Ask your student about this project and the worksheet that goes along with it. 

While students are making their egg protectors at home, we will be learning about force: gravity, friction, lift, drag, and trust. Students will then be able to determine which of the force words could be helpful in creating their egg protector. We'll also be doing a few hands-on projects at school like building Lego cars and making hovercrafts. Be sure to ask your student about these activities!

Like our last unit, a science review will come home before the test for students to complete and use to study. Watch for this to appear in the assignment notebook.

We are studying Monarch butterflies and worms during this unit. We will learn about their habitats, life cycle, adaptations, and what threatens them. Watch for pictures and videos of the work we are doing this unit on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. 

    At the end of this unit, students will get a review sheet to help them study for the test. Watch for this to come home.