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Mrs. Barkby's Class Schedule

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Mrs. Emmons's 

Class Schedule

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 Supply Lists
       All HIS Students              Additional for Barkby/Emmons Students
          scissors                    #2 Pencils - 2 boxes of 24
          gym shoes                     4 packs of black dry erase markers          headphones/earbuds              6 glue Sticks
                                    2 square (3"x3") pads of post its
                                         No designs or shapes
                                    4 Wide line spiral notebooks-1 each 
                                         color: Red, Blue, Purple, Black
                                    5 Two pocket folders- 1 each color
                                         Red, Blue, Purple, Black and one
                                         of your choice
                                    2 Yellow Highlighters
                                    12 Count pack of Colored Pencils

boxes of ziplock bags 
M& M's for Mrs. Barkby
Smarties for Mrs. Emmons
Actually any kind of candy will work :)